Monday, January 1, 2007


Here I am back in the States! It's not easy making the transition. I am not experiencing reverse culture shock yet, because since arriving in Milwaukee, I have only gone to Culver's for a butterburger, home, to church and out for a New Year's Eve dinner. My flight was alright for an 18 hour flight; it was pretty uneventful. I felt pretty good on the plane considering my pneumonia and I am not suffering from jet lag. I am suffering from insomnia though, hence why I am writing on my blog at 4:50 in the morning. I think that my medicine is causing insomnia and hyperness. When I do wake up, I am overwhelmed by my bedroom. I have gone from a small, but tidy and uncluttered one-room apartment, to a very messy, small and cluttered bedroom. It is packed to the limit right now with suitcases, souvenirs, and many things from my past: books, knick-knacks and trinkets that I forgot about and that my parents found somewhere while I was gone and placed in my room. My room also has a heavy odor from my luggage. Apparently, Ipicked up an odor while in Korea that both of my parents smelled on me right when I disembarked the plane. It must be from the pollution and dirtiness of Korea. So now I must wash all of my clothes when the New Year is over (I am not looking forward to this task).

It is strange being back here. I definitely have mixed emotions. I am, of course, so happy to see family and friends and to eat my old favorite foods and to breathe fresh air. But, I feel like a visitor in my old home (my parents are not making me feel like a visitor, but after being gone for a year, I feel like such). It is also hard to give up my independence and I feel sort of like a kid again. There are no rules here, but I have given up my autonomy. I feel like I went from having my routine and my own life to sharing. It's a bit of a rough transition. I really need to get my room into working order so that I can write in there and feel comfortable. Right now, it is sucking energy and just giving off negative vibes. St. Vincent De Paul thrift store: expect lots of stuff!

One especially wonderful thing has been getting to see my dog again. He is 14, deaf and arthritic, but oh so lovable. It is so nice to have a dog to pet and to hug.

So wish me luck with sleeping, transitioning and getting well. I still feel a bit sick. I will feel great for a few hours but then will crash with fatigue. I know that will happen now with only 4 hours of sleep.

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year in which your goals are achievable, your pockets full and most of all, your hearts light and joyful.

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