Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am currently sitting in my bed and feeling warm and cozy. Snoopy, my old furless stuffed animal, is sitting next to me. He has gone just about everywhere with me during my lifetime. As a child, I hauled him to Montreal, to Florida, to Cape Cod, to Grandma’s house and Devil’s Lake. He’s lived in Vermont with me for five years and he went all the way to Korea with me last year.

I wasn’t going to take him with me to Korea because I didn’t really need him anymore and I didn’t want to lose him. But in a last minute decision, I decided to take him with. I was happy that I did. He was a great comfort when I was lonely. I could hold him tight as I tried to sleep and I felt homesick or when I missed Aaron. He made it through the Korea experience in good shape.

But a funny thing happened on the way home. I was going through security at Incheon airport. My two carry-on bags were stuffed with books, a computer, my Ipod, cameras, ad Snoopy. The security people had me open my bags and they carefully started to pull things out and to lay them down. One of the first things to get pulled out was old, ratty Snoopy. He looked so sad and cold and he lay on the shiny metal table. I felt kind of bad for him and I also felt a little embarrassed that I would have such a silly-looking stuffed animal in my bag.

After a few minutes, a woman who was wearing white gloves, picked Snoopy back up and carefully placed him back in my backpack. I thought that it was kind of her to be gently, but I couldn’t help but think what did she think about me and Snoopy? Unfortunately, my backpack was so tightly packed that as I tried to help her zip it back up, Snoopy and everything in the bag got squished tightly together.

I wonder where Snoopy will go with me next?
What one loes in childhood stays in the heart forever.
--Mary Jo Putney

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