Monday, February 25, 2008

cute puppy whistle

Wow-what a cute puppy!

Half Size/Half Price

Lately when I go to most restaurants, I can't help but balk at the prices of the food. I am not talking about upscale restaurants, but your hamburger and sandwich places. Even the chains like Uno's, Applebee's and Waterstreet Brewery have made it so the cheapest thing on the menu is an $11 hamburger or an $8 appetizer.

The problem in my opinion is the portion of food they give you. I don't need a pound of thick French fries. Nor do I need 4 strips of bacon on my burger. The food is almost always very good, but I could do with a smaller portion and a smaller price. It's true that I do take my leftovers home and eat them as a meal the next day, so I guess it really is a good deal. However, I just find myself lately wanting to shell out less money. No wonder Americans are fat when you go to a pasta place and they serve you a thick slab of lasagna weighing it at about a pound.

Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. I think I was spoiled by Korean prices. You could get a huge bowl of bibimbap (rice, vegetables and a little meat) for $3.50. I felt stuffed after eating all that. And plus, you don't tip in Asia so the food was so cheap and delicious.

Sorry for my ranting, but the cost and size of food portions has been bugging me lately.

Do you agree with me?


"Families remember to love one another as cherished traditions unfold."
--Jan Miller Girando

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Media mania

The presidential candidates arrived in Waukesha County this past week to tout their plans for the economy, the war in Iraq, education, the environment and why they are the best candidate for president. Barack Obama spoke at the Waukesha Expo Center as did Bill Clinton on behalf of his wife, Hillary. Mike Huckabee was at the Country Springs Hotel and John McCain got as close as Milwaukee on Friday. Maybe they will come back around again before the very important primary on Tuesday in Wisconsin. With them, also comes a very large and comprehensive group of reporters and photographers.

I covered John McCain's speech at the Reagan Day Dinner at the American Serb Hall in Milwaukee on Friday for the Freeman. The audience was sold out, but what was even more impressive to me was the number of reporters and photographers there to cover the speech. Everyone from local channels and newspapers to CNN and ABC News. An announcement was made that McCain was late because he had an interview with George Stephanopoulus. Later Stephanopoulus walked into the room and joined the rest of the media. There were about 50 reporters, photographers and videographers covering McCain's speech. The sight was so impressive that some audience members took pictures of the press!

Something that amazed me was how I did not see a single female photographer. The women that were there (it seemd like 3 men for every woman) were all reporters. I think that I might have been the only one taking pictures for our paper.
I must admit that it was exciting to be among such a large group of my fellow reporters and photographers, some of whom travel the world over.
It is actually a rewarding sight to see so many people covering a news event because it means that people care and are paying attention to what is happening around them. I know that the Freeman will continue to cover the presidential candidates and their visits. We are happy that so many candidates have been coming to the area because it allows us to share with our loyal readers what the candidates are saying and doing on the campaign trail.

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on."
--John F. Kennedy

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Doldrums of Winter

I must admit that I have been largely uninspired to write on my blog lately. I just have had a block when it comes to topics to write about and to share with people. I think that this must be largely do to winter and the snow and cold which have kept me hiding inside on so many days. Today is one of those days as the air temperature hovers around zero and the wind chill is far below. It is nice that the sun shines brightly, as it always does on cold days. I have spent the day cleaning and organizing my clothes closet and my dresser and desk drawers. Yet, I am left with nothing new, nothing inspired to write about. Maybe I am thinking too hard and not letting the ideas freely come to me. Maybe cleaning is not my muse.

Sometimes I think of making my blog postings more focused, such as the blog of my close friend, Paul Margach. It's all about the jazz CDs he has in his music collection. I encourage you to check it out for some awesome, informative writing. It's called "A Wells or a Gibbon?" and can be found by this link:

Despite the monotony and boredom winter often brings with it, I rather enjoy the snow and cold weather because it gives me the excuse to stay in and read, write, watch movies, cuddle with a blanket, wear fleece and drink hot cocoa. Summer will come soon enough where I am running around and hardly taking the time to enjoy the peace of my bedroom.

I have always realized how precious my time on Earth is. My mother's good friend is dying of stomach cancer. Although I have not been to see this friend recently, it is a good reminder that we are all only allowed a short amount of time to live. I don't want to rush through life, even these desperately cold days because who knows if I will live to see another Wisconsin winter where the cardinal comes to feed at the feeder at 5 p.m. and where I can sit by a window and marvel at the beauty of large snowflakes falling gently to the ground. Yes, winter is filled with its hassles and dangers, but it is filled with so much beauty. I find winter's beauty more understated than spring's, summer's or fall's. If there is one thing I like is subtleness.


"Friends are lights in winter; the older the friend, the brighter the light."
--Roger Rosenblatt

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Emergency

While most people get to hide inside when there is a snow emergency issued by the mayor of the city, reporters, editors and all those involved in producing a newspaper are not so lucky. In fact, we are expected to trudge through the snow trying to talk to people braving the elements and who are willing to speak about how they feel.

I was that reporter today. A lucky break for me, however, was that I worked from the Oconomowoc Enterprise today instead of the Waukesha Freeman. That saved me from driving 28 miles or so in the hazardous road conditions that closed Brookfield Square Mall, the Milwaukee Courthouse and almost all schools.

I had several tasks to do today. 1) Write a story about the effect of the snow on Ash Wednesday services. 2) Help to proof the Enterprise pages before they went to press and 3) Trudge through the snow to talk to people braving the elements and to get some photos of people doing just that.

It was a lot of fun walking through the snow. I found it rather exciting to be out there reporting on the extreme weather. I must admit it was rough going at times as the wind whipped icy snow into my face preventing me from lifting my head. Worst yet, was having the snow that coated my pants melt and make me feel all soggy as I sat in the office with my damp notepad and frozen pen (I lost my pencil as I made a mad dash to get a photo of a train as the snow swirled around it).

Overall it was a very pleasant day. I even was able to work just 9 am to 4 pm, so here I am writing on my blog to share my interesting day with you.


"If you are not living on the edge, you take up too much room."

-Native American saying

Friday, February 1, 2008

SeoulGlow # 9 - Welcome, YouTube Korea!

I really miss interacting with more Korean people on a daily basis. Watching this video reminded me of what I miss so much about Korea-the people!