Friday, January 12, 2007

Dreary day=Dreary mood

Well, the weather is very dreary today. Gray skies, wet earth, cool temperatures. All this has made me feel a bit down. I've got some Charles Mingus on the steroe (thanks Paul) and am trying to feel more upbeat. It's just one of those days where all the little things bug you a lot more than they should. And the things that are bugging me are with my computer (anything technical or gadgety always stress me out!!) I am trying to appreciate my free time and enjoy the small things like getting to watch new episodes of My Name is Earl and seeing birds on the bird feeder. I do hope that it snows this weekend and that the weatherman isn't lying.

there isn't too much to report here. I need something to spark some creative thinking in my brain. This weather just makes me want to be lazy. To curl up with a book, a mug of caramel hot chocolate, a bag of M&Ms and never leave the house.....

If you don't think that everyday is a good day, just try missing one.
--Cavett Robert

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