Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter chatter

I have always been rather skeptical about Harry Potter. I never really got into the whole Potter craziness because I tend to run away from things that people go crazy over in great numbers such as Beanie Babies, Linsay Lohan, pop music, etc. I hardly ever read anything from the New York Times bestseller list, because if everyone is reading it, how good can it be if it appeals to a mass audience. The same goes for Harry Potter. I have seen a couple of the movies, but wasn't very impressed. I think I saw the fourth one and that one was better but the ending was still disappointing. I was actually excited about the final Potter book and to learn whether or not Harry Potter would meet his doom. So, I was excited to cover the local Harry Potter events. But when Friday rolled around and I knew I had to go to the book release party at midnight at the local bookstore, I wasn't too sure I liked Harry anymore or cared what happened to him.

When I pulled up to the strip mall, there must have been about 400-500 people waiting in line along nearly the whole strip mall. The atmosphere was so lively and energetic, that I found myself waking up and having a great time snapping pics. Children and parents were in costumes. A 8 foot ghost or something from the books billowed amongst the crowd. A magician performed tricks. I was completely drawn in. Then the crowd grew even more excited as the cell phones almost showed 12:00.

After the fans got their books, the parking lot filled with friends shouting to each other and honking car horns. Books were waved in the air and people jumped up and down. You think I'm exaggerating? Just look at this picture...


"Call it a dream. It does not change anything."--Ludwig Wittgenstein

Photos printed in the Oconomowoc Enterprise on July 26, 2007

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Bryon Houlgrave said...

That last shot pretty much sums up the mania surrounding the book's release. Great job capturing that moment.