Friday, April 13, 2007

Oconomowoc Artists

This past week I had the privilege of meeting two local artists who are being recognized for their art by a local public tv station, Channel 10. The two painters, Michael Steinke and Andy Goralski, will have their original paintings and posters sold during the anuual fundraising auction. I interviewed the two men for the Oconomowoc Enterprise.

Michael Steinke does impressionist/abstract art, but he said of himself , “I am a colorist founded in the traditional line." Steinke, or as he refers to himself, mykulanjelo, is very creative and he believes that all people are creative. He believes that, “Art should cause them to transcend that moment.” Steinke explained that everyone is creative. “All of us have a seed of creation within us. The idea is that the creative urge in its essence transcends the day,” he said.

I was quite impressed with his art, but even more so with his views of art and the creative process. His studio is a surpisingly small space in a renovated Victorian school house. It is full of clutter: paintings, glass pane-tings (painted windows), drawings and postcards. Steinke has shared his art with people through his designs for the Florentine Opera of Milwaukee, The Oconomowoc Art Festival and charity events. “Art is animated, not only because of the color,” Steinke said, “but when you move it; it changes the space around it.”

some of Steinke's work:

The other artist that I met: Andy Goralski is very different from Steinke. Goralski is a sports painter and paints exclusively those people and things that have to do with professional sports. For the auction he has painted Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers. Goralski is a self-taught painter, which is really amazing when you look at his work. Goralski's pastel paintings are so real-looking from a distance, that appears you are looking at a photograph. He tries to paint objects in a 3D reality. There are elements of impressionism in his paintings, such as the fields or stadiums. His paintings are often valued between $5,000 to $20,000 and only grow in value due to scarcity. I didn't really get to see the creative part of Goralski's personality. Our talk was more business and what it is like to work with all of the athletes.

Here are some of Goralski's pieces:

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