Monday, February 12, 2007

Renewed and Refreshed from Shoveling Snow?

Today got off to a good start. Probably most people wouldn't consider shoveling two inches of snow off the hue circular driveway to be a good start to the day, but I think it is. I was able to clear my head and just daydream. I dreamed of summer and visiting friends and made up little fantasies in my head. I feel refreshed from the chilly air and having snowflakes fall on my head. It's so beautiful. I haven't allowed myself to enjoy winter this year. I have been yearning for spring and warm weather, but I realize that I am missing out on a lot of beauty with this attitude. I guess that being sick kept me inside a lot and the extremely cold weather made everyone a little cranky here. But now that I am feeling better, I am going to get out more and enjoy this wonderous season.

This looks like it will be a busy week. I have newspaper stories to write, work at the coffee shop and then I leave for St. Louis on Friday morning. I am just hoping and praying for good weather so I can go. I want to get out of town for a weekend and of course I am dying to see Aaron.

I just feel so much better after shoveling. Sort of renewed and refreshed. I guess I can get some more of that feeling later as large, fluffy snowflakes just keep tumbling to the ground.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
--Albert Camus
"Friends are lights in winter; the older the friend, the brighter the light."
--Roger Rosenblatt

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