Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Emergency

While most people get to hide inside when there is a snow emergency issued by the mayor of the city, reporters, editors and all those involved in producing a newspaper are not so lucky. In fact, we are expected to trudge through the snow trying to talk to people braving the elements and who are willing to speak about how they feel.

I was that reporter today. A lucky break for me, however, was that I worked from the Oconomowoc Enterprise today instead of the Waukesha Freeman. That saved me from driving 28 miles or so in the hazardous road conditions that closed Brookfield Square Mall, the Milwaukee Courthouse and almost all schools.

I had several tasks to do today. 1) Write a story about the effect of the snow on Ash Wednesday services. 2) Help to proof the Enterprise pages before they went to press and 3) Trudge through the snow to talk to people braving the elements and to get some photos of people doing just that.

It was a lot of fun walking through the snow. I found it rather exciting to be out there reporting on the extreme weather. I must admit it was rough going at times as the wind whipped icy snow into my face preventing me from lifting my head. Worst yet, was having the snow that coated my pants melt and make me feel all soggy as I sat in the office with my damp notepad and frozen pen (I lost my pencil as I made a mad dash to get a photo of a train as the snow swirled around it).

Overall it was a very pleasant day. I even was able to work just 9 am to 4 pm, so here I am writing on my blog to share my interesting day with you.


"If you are not living on the edge, you take up too much room."

-Native American saying

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Fran said...

Hi Katie - I enjoyed your "snowy story" today. Sounds like you sorta enjoyed your assignment for the day. Hopefully the people you interviewed weren't too put out with all the snow.

Keep up the good work on your blog - always enjoy reading them!