Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Doldrums of Winter

I must admit that I have been largely uninspired to write on my blog lately. I just have had a block when it comes to topics to write about and to share with people. I think that this must be largely do to winter and the snow and cold which have kept me hiding inside on so many days. Today is one of those days as the air temperature hovers around zero and the wind chill is far below. It is nice that the sun shines brightly, as it always does on cold days. I have spent the day cleaning and organizing my clothes closet and my dresser and desk drawers. Yet, I am left with nothing new, nothing inspired to write about. Maybe I am thinking too hard and not letting the ideas freely come to me. Maybe cleaning is not my muse.

Sometimes I think of making my blog postings more focused, such as the blog of my close friend, Paul Margach. It's all about the jazz CDs he has in his music collection. I encourage you to check it out for some awesome, informative writing. It's called "A Wells or a Gibbon?" and can be found by this link:

Despite the monotony and boredom winter often brings with it, I rather enjoy the snow and cold weather because it gives me the excuse to stay in and read, write, watch movies, cuddle with a blanket, wear fleece and drink hot cocoa. Summer will come soon enough where I am running around and hardly taking the time to enjoy the peace of my bedroom.

I have always realized how precious my time on Earth is. My mother's good friend is dying of stomach cancer. Although I have not been to see this friend recently, it is a good reminder that we are all only allowed a short amount of time to live. I don't want to rush through life, even these desperately cold days because who knows if I will live to see another Wisconsin winter where the cardinal comes to feed at the feeder at 5 p.m. and where I can sit by a window and marvel at the beauty of large snowflakes falling gently to the ground. Yes, winter is filled with its hassles and dangers, but it is filled with so much beauty. I find winter's beauty more understated than spring's, summer's or fall's. If there is one thing I like is subtleness.


"Friends are lights in winter; the older the friend, the brighter the light."
--Roger Rosenblatt

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