Monday, February 25, 2008

Half Size/Half Price

Lately when I go to most restaurants, I can't help but balk at the prices of the food. I am not talking about upscale restaurants, but your hamburger and sandwich places. Even the chains like Uno's, Applebee's and Waterstreet Brewery have made it so the cheapest thing on the menu is an $11 hamburger or an $8 appetizer.

The problem in my opinion is the portion of food they give you. I don't need a pound of thick French fries. Nor do I need 4 strips of bacon on my burger. The food is almost always very good, but I could do with a smaller portion and a smaller price. It's true that I do take my leftovers home and eat them as a meal the next day, so I guess it really is a good deal. However, I just find myself lately wanting to shell out less money. No wonder Americans are fat when you go to a pasta place and they serve you a thick slab of lasagna weighing it at about a pound.

Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. I think I was spoiled by Korean prices. You could get a huge bowl of bibimbap (rice, vegetables and a little meat) for $3.50. I felt stuffed after eating all that. And plus, you don't tip in Asia so the food was so cheap and delicious.

Sorry for my ranting, but the cost and size of food portions has been bugging me lately.

Do you agree with me?


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