Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain, rain go away

The good news is I've gotten my lights to work.
The bad news is I am trapped inside because of the rain and waiting to hear if my dinner plans are going to fall through. If they do fall through, I have a back up plan of going to see Kick Ass at the theatre. I tried to call out on my motel phone, but failed to be able to call cell phones. I would like to know what I am doing tonight so I can get moving. I am prepared to brave the rain to go buy an umbrella and to get some dinner. I didn't fly all the way to Korea to be trapped in my hotel room.

I really realized today how much our society runs on phones. I am fairly easy to reach by e-mail, but it seems that all of my Korean friends want me to call them even though I said I would not have access to a phone while I am here. (sigh)

The first half of my day went really well. I was able to revisit some of the places I used to go to a lot when I lived here. Not that much has changed, but some stores have switched locations or gone out of business. I went to my former school and it looked good. I even ate my favorite Korean dish for lunch: cham chi kimbap (tuna kimbap, made of rice, egg, spam, mayo, runa, sesame seeds, pickled radish and all rolled and wrapped in dried seaweed).

I came back to my room this afternoon to take a nap, but was unsuccessful. It's been nice just relaxing. Flying and then navigating around a place that is so different from your normal routine takes a lot of energy. I was suprised by how much it felt right to be here in Bucheon again, but also how hard it was to communicate.

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