Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Animals at Frame Park

A walk is Frame Park is always enjoyable. It's a very nice walking and biking path that circles around a portion of the Fox River that runs through downtown Waukesha. Along the path there is a flower garden that I have written about previously. There is also a playground, water fountains, a grassy amphitheater, bike and canoe rentals and a baseball field that may be getting expanded.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of walking in Frame Park for me is being able to see a variety of animals, including large fish, great blue heron and many, many ducks. The ducks amuse me to no end. When I walk in the morning, they are still sleeping next to the paths as late as 10 a.m. They are wide awake and quaking loudly at 11 p.m. The ducks are quite tame and will barely crack their eyes open to look at you as you walk pass them in the morning. There is also a variety of ducks, including the traditional mallards and others I can't identify. I was happy to see the duck population rebound after the floods because I saw some baby ducks get swept away in the current.

There has also been a resident great blue heron this summer that lives along the river in Frame Park and can often be seen on the piers. He is quite majestic and is always a pleasant surprise to spot as he sits and preens on one of the many piers.

Here are some photos from my recent walks in Frame Park.

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