Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comic strips. It is consistently humorous and I love the cast of animal characters that bring the strip to life. My favorite is the ever optimistic and naive Pig who loves everyone, even those who are mean to him, and always sees the best in all situations.

Tuesday's comic strip really made an impression on me. Maybe because it's about hamsters. Or maybe it's because of the language Orville uses. Whatever the reason, I cut it out and put it on my computer monitor at work today.

Blogger is not allowing me to upload Tuesday's comic strip, so here is the link for you to check out. I hope that you get a kick out of it too.



"In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day."
--F.Scott Fitzgerald

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