Monday, May 7, 2007

Trip to Seattle and Vancouver

My time is winding down here in Seattle. I arrived on a sunny day and looks like I will be leaving on another warm and sunny day. My 8 full days here have been great. I have gotten to see and do so much. And the rain-didn't really interfere with what I was doing because it hardly rained at all and when it did, it was in the early morning. I have visited parks, waterfalls, Pike's Place Market, cool neighborhoods, coffee shops, the international district, took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, visited friends, worked on job applications and went to Vancouver for the day. I love both cities and hope to move to Seattle if the right job turns up. the city is beautiful, the people so polite, friendly, liberal and the city full of fun places to see. There is so much in this city and in the surrounding areas. I would never be bored here. It's a very enivornmentally-friendly place and full of great coffee shops, restarants and parks. I know why my friends love it here. One of my favorite things is actually how you can't see the Target and large stores because they are hidden behind trees and disguised by the winding roads. There is a large Asia population here so I am reminded of my time in Korea. I haven't had a bad experience the whole time that I have been here. The roughest aspect has been all of the homeless people. I was surprised to see so many beggers on the streets. I never know how to react. But, it's so beautiful here and if I can afford it (beauty is expensive) and I can get a good job, I hope to move here by the beginning of summer.

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